• Susana Jimenez


Ok, this has to be one of my favorite self care tools. It has been a life-saver during this time where I haven’t been able to go in for a massage BUT its also a great tool to have for in between your regularly scheduled massage sessions. It's easy to use, inexpensive and effective.

This trigger point massager, or “Shepherd’s hook” is so helpful in relieving pain and tension in those hard to reach areas, such as low back and between the shoulder blades. The curved end is placed over the tight spot (muscle trigger point) and it helps it release.

You simply hook the massager around your shoulder or around your side, hold by the h

You’ll notice the difference in that targeted muscle: less stiffness, increased range of motion and less discomfort. Remember, only apply as much pressure as you are comfortable with.

This tool has helped me so much and I highly recommend it! I always have on in the studio, so if you'd like to try it next time you're in, let me know!


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